“Strategic Aging”


I have been struggling with how I think about aging, my own aging.  I have always said that I want to age “gracefully” without having a firm definition of what that might mean. I take care of myself — pay attention to nutrition, exercise, try to stay connected and interested, learn new things.  I feel good but there is no denying that my hair is gray and my skin is wrinkled.

I have my annual wellness visit and go through the recommended screenings.  I am not sure that this is going to prevent illness, but the hope is to catch anything that goes wrong in an early stage, while it is fixable.  I do maintain a fairly large degree of skepticism toward the role our Western medical system as it has evolved to date in the arena of graceful aging.

I have no interest in surgical interventions and tinkering.  Is anyone fooled by those stretched to lifelessness faces?  I can’t even be bothered to have my hair colored.  I don’t want to deny my age, just enjoy it!

Then I came across this article in Spirituality and Health Magazine, “Strategic  Aging.” (Strategic Aging | Spirituality & Health Magazine) There it was — exactly what I was trying to articulate for myself.

Strategic aging is not about recapturing youth; it is about maximizing our vitality in the present moment.

Thank-you Dr. Deborah Gordon!

That is how i want to live, with maximum vitality, aware of as many of the moment I have as i can possibly be.  Initially, I may bring the same skepticism to the guts and brains of the strategic aging as outlined in the article, but the quote above opened something in me.


5 thoughts on ““Strategic Aging”

  1. Strategic aging! That is a brilliant term and idea. It also applies to anyone, regardless of your current health. Use it or lose it as they say and maintain realistic expectations and goals.


  2. Yay you! This is how I think of you…full of vitality and humor from reading your posts, comments, daily doings these past three years. Youthfulness and our inner elder can go hand in hand, my friend! I love this quote too and grateful that you’ve shared it! Keep being wonderful you! Great post…love your way with words!

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