What About Chakras



I have practiced yoga sporadically over the years, starting some time in my twenties.

In my thirties I was into running and weight workouts.  Yoga would have been a good counter to the muscle tightening effects, but there is only so much time in the day.

About ten years ago, I really started to get concerned about my lack of flexibility and my wonky balance.  I have been increasingly getting more consistent about yoga since then.

I know that some people are turned off by aspects of yoga practice — the Sanskrit names for all the positions, the chanting, the meditation, reference to chakras or meridians.  I suppose it is possible to practice yoga without all that.  Frankly it is one of the things that attracts me  in the first place.

Personally, I find the idea of energy fields around us quite fascinating — whether one calls them chakras or not.  It is science that everything is energy.  Not that I pretend to understand the work of Albert Einstein, but I believe that ‘all is energy’ is an accepted, over-simplified interpretation of his famous formula.

When I read about chakras, I feel a tremendous respect for a people who were aware of something that was not scientifically articulated until thousands of years later.  I  have appreciated what I read about chakras on a metaphoric level.

As it turns out, at least according to this article about the truth about the chakras, the whole concept may have been intended as metaphor, a way of envisioning something intangible but real.

The article is more than anyone without an interest in chakras may want to wade through, but it does have a take away that applies — to the concept of chakras and, perhaps, so much more:

…every book on the chakras presents only one possible model. Nothing written in English is really authoritative for practitioners of yoga. So why not hold more gently the beliefs you’ve acquired about yoga, even while you keep learning .

~ Christopher Wallis

Indeed.  Why  not hold all beliefs more gently and keep on learning?



5 thoughts on “What About Chakras

  1. Excellent post and thanks for the informative article on chakras. I didn’t realize that there were so many different systems, including 28 different chakras! I actually found myself drawn to the illustration of the 5 chakra model depicted in the article.

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  2. My sister taught me some yoga positions in 1975 and I did that for awhile. I am not as flexible now and think I would hurt myself if I attempted those positions again. Good luck to you.


  3. If anybody should be doing yoga it is me but I am not. Shame on me. I had such a black/white childhood it’s always been very hard for me to get my head around anything that can’t be proven by fact (In my childhood the Bible was the literal). Today I find the subject of energy that surrounds us intriguing but it is oh so hard for me to work my way through it. I’ll be interested in other things you have to say on the subject.


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