Voting and Values


I know that this is exactly how I am feeling lately.  I don’t think that I am alone.

But this is a time when the most dangerous thing to do is stick my fingers in my ears, close my eyes, and sing “la la la” at the top of my lungs.

I did learn the hard way that turning up the radio to cover up a concerning noise from the car engine is not a smart way to deal with the problem.  It was quite an expensive lesson.

Can we afford to learn the hard way that ignoring the rumblings around elections, social inequities, wealth distributions, refugee crises, war, impending environmental cataclysm, etc.  will not be an adequate solution to the seemingly endless list of the world’s problems?

I came from a family that was both interested and active in politics.  I must have been aware in way that young children are fuzzily  aware of things of the adult world around the time of the McCarthy hearings.  I remember a feeling of dread that something bad would happen to my parents especially because my father did not hold back on his dislike of Eisenhower. (Specifically something bad like men in suits coming to the door to take him away.) I did not sit with my parents during the news but I must have heard or seen things I did not completely understand.

I also remember the attention and respect that my parents paid to the nightly news for all their years.  I don’t have that kind of trust in the media anymore.  (And then there is the whole issue of endless interruptions for prescription drug commercials.) I don’t know when or where I first heard the advise to distrust everything I hear and most of what I see, but it seems more applicable everyday.

I do try to do the research around voting.  I try to hear both sides.  It’s not always easy.  I am very clear about my own values, and that can make it hard for me to “hear” those who have quite different values.  I’ll admit the difficulty but I do try to understand different points of view.  Sometimes I have to agree to disagree (and allow the other person the right to be wrong).

What really sends me into a tailspin, however, is people who seem to pick a candidate  without any discernible  values component at all.  If someone tells me he or she does not believe in political parties but just votes for the “best candidate for the job,” I am going to believe that person chooses on the basis of personality because that has been my experience.  Makes no sense to me at all.

Bernie supporters who say they will vote for Trump? What?

Explain the similarities/compatibility of ideas and proposals that would lead one to that decision, if you can.


7 thoughts on “Voting and Values

  1. Every time I see something about poll numbers rising for Trump, it scares me. What is wrong with these voters? I am trying to listen to other opinions, but it’s hard. There’s a “friend” on my Facebook who is saying some awful things about President Obama and he’s probably going to vote for Trump. I wanted to unfriend him, but Art told me to keep politics and friendship separate. It’s hard.


  2. You are right on target for all of our thinking. We can research and make our own decisions and by now most of us have, so why all this blathering on and on. I close out all media from my life as best I can.


  3. I don’t understand how someone who favored Bernie could then vote for Trump just out of spite. I also don’t understand those who just aren’t going to vote. That is certainly not the answer. Every night I watch the news and every night I just sit and shake my head. I don’t get it.


  4. Excellent post Olga. I must confess to watching this season’s politics much like a soap opera or an accident along the highway. What’s he gonna say on today’s episode of the Bizarrely Rich and Famous? Does he even want to be president, or does he just want to win the election?

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  5. Olga, I’m fascinated by the way you dealt with the news as a child during the Eisenhower years. My parents kept a radio on the dining table and listened to the evening news during dinner. I well remember leaving the table night after night and going outside because listening to what was happening in Hungary scared me so bad. We need to be very careful what our children are hearing. I do not understand people who in a very pious way say they don’t vote by party like that makes them better and more wise than those of us who vote by party. To me it says they stand for nothing. They just go whichever way the wind blows and the flowers smell the sweetest. They obviously know little about the platforms of the two parties, and they are very different. Not easy to confuse. Votes down the ticket are just as important as the party vote at the top of the ticket. All these uninformed voters scare me to death. Donald Trump is what happens when voters are uninformed.


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