Expressive Arts

I had signed up for a first of September web based seminar with Expressive Arts Florida Unfortunately, bad weather caused a postponement.

It’s a topic that interests me greatly.  I am interested in self expression through the work of soul searching and spiritual seeking.  Writing has always been a path of that work for me.  Yoga and meditation are also paths I use.  Lately I have been drawn to art.  I had no training or courses in art all through school, but I have always doodled.  I signed up for a basic drawing class last winter, took a watercolor class this summer, and have signed up for a second watercolor painting class in the fall.

Better late than never to correct a fault in my education.  It was a hunger deep inside that had to be fed.

Expressive Art, as I understand it, is a bit different than a drawing or a painting class though.  It seems to be more of a therapeutic technique.  This article gives some background and exercises.

I have made colleges before, but had not really thought about that as anything beyond  a decorative craft for notebooks and storage boxes. Hmm.  Sometimes, somehow I stumble onto things without even realizing I was looking for them.  I don’t know yet if I will be able to access the rescheduled seminar but I will keep myself open to new experiences.4895f854194eaa74fe36a58f6fd3a386


7 thoughts on “Expressive Arts

  1. I have seen (pictures) of the greeting cards you have made and they are such works of art! I hope you enjoy your class. Artistic is just not who I am but I sure admire it in others! Have fun.


  2. Hi Olga! I see you’ve started another blog on WordPress. I’m sorry you had problems with Blogger. I love it that you’re exploring your creative self. Good for you! I’m between my photobooks right now. It will be nice to be back to my usual schedule again.


  3. Being the talented slob I am, I am probably limited to adult coloring. What I do enjoy doing is looking at a painting and trying to find a piece of music from my memory that would be a good soundtrack for the painting as though it were a scene from a movie. An example is Andrew Wyeth’s Wind From The Sea:

    The soundtrack? Consolation by Rick Peller:

    I admire your desire to learn new things. It will keep you young.


  4. I’m impressed with all the things you try that keeps your life rich and interesting. I worked for a male professor who learned watercolor painting when he was in his 70s. He was amazing! Best of all it was incredibly fulfilling for him.


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