Have you ever had to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator?  I have taken that or something claiming to be similar on a number of occasions as part of psychology classes or as part of work related workshops and in-service trainings.  I have taken online.  I have always had the same results — INFJ.That means that I am:

  • Introverted.  I am energized by alone time and quiet.
  • iNtuitive.  I see patterns and possibilities all around me.
  • Feeling. I prioritize people and emotions.
  • Judging.  I prefer structure and order

Check, check, check and check.  I am going to go with that.

Hey! I have made it into the 1%.  Actually, that may not be true.  I have read that INFJ is the rarest personality type of the 16 types identified by Myers-Briggs, only 1% of the population, but I have also read that is true for men while for women it is the third rarest and accounts for 2%.

The INFJ type is quite likely to be in a service oriented career since they feel a strong purpose in helping others. They are considered nurturers (another check) and are characterized as “protector,” “counselor,” and “advocate.” That did play out in my career as a special educator although I certainly cannot claim the level of success of some noted INFJ types — Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela.

I will claim some of the strengths attributed to my type: creativity, insight, decisiveness, determination, passion, altruism.  I  will claim ALL of the weaknesses: overly sensitive, extremely private, hard to get to know, and prone to burn out.  I may be gentle and soft-spoken, but I do have my opinions.  I can be so focused on dealing with things based on my feelings that I can short change thinking.  I am not a detail person.

True to my type, I am always seeking personal growth.  Spiritual growth, learning and helping others are my interests.  My INFJ suit fits me far better than astrological sign or numerology or hand-writing analysis (although those things can sometimes be spookily accurate).

It’s not that I believe that I am the way I am and I will always be exactly the same.  The growth thing really is a priority for me.  It is an interesting lens to look through.

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6 thoughts on “INFJ

  1. I’m a blue. The company I worked for made us take some type of personality test and you were one of 4 colors. We had to wear badges and they had a color bar across them so that you would always know what color the other person was. This was supposed to help you know how to better interact with them. Not sure it served its purpose to make us work better together!


  2. Great post, Olga. I am an INF_. My test results are usually slightly P, other times slightly J, but by the descriptions I feel J is more accurate (perhaps because it seems to be slightly more macho than the P). What amazes me about these descriptions is how spot on they are. It can be like reading a personal bio! As such I suspect that I have become something of a Myers-Briggs junkie…I am not an anti-social weirdo, I am an INFJ. Or is it INFP? Oh my, I have to go off by myself and figure this out.

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