317396-03860-79133422-m750x740-u80a64I am always trying to build a trusting relationship with my intuition.  I have lived long enough to be able to look back and wonder what was I thinking? I can recall specific times when warning bells were clearly going off inside me and I wonder why did I not trust my intuition on that?

Intuition is variously described as a gut feeling  (Remember that scientists are now referring to the brain in the stomach), a sudden knowing without conscious thought, something akin to a bridge between instinct and rational thought processes or reason. Personally, I like the comparison of intuition to insight, makes me think of seeing inside the self.

Here is a quote from Psychology Today:

Until about a hundred years ago science wasn’t even aware of the role of our unconscious, but studies now show that only 20 percent of the brain’s gray matter is dedicated to conscious thoughts, while 80 percent is dedicated to nonconscious thoughts.

80% of our brain swirling with unconscious awareness?  That’s a lot of potential information.

I wrote about being an INFJ, the N in that equation standing for iNtuition.  I have come to understand, though, that the J (Judgement) part of me used to be overwhelmingly strong and probably convinced me that those intuitive feelings were not worth bothering about.  Well, over the years my Judgement score on the Myers-Briggs has fallen and seems to no longer be in the pathological range.

So I am still working on building a trusting relationship with my intuition.  And it is getting easier.

But sometimes I do have to wonder why youth is wasted on the young and wisdom is wasted on the old!




9 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. Intuition or psychic flash? I wish I had learned to listen to that little inner voice long ago — made a lot of mistakes that could have been avoided had I just paid attention.


  2. “But sometimes I do have to wonder why youth is wasted on the young and wisdom is wasted on the old!”

    Great aphorism! I certainly could have used some wisdom when I was young, and I sure as hell could use some youth now.

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  3. Interesting. Right now I’m struggling with a ‘feeling’ we may be nearing the end of Bob’s life, just a ‘feeling.’ I have no proof. Through all his illness I’ve never felt that until lately.

    Bob is a twin and his twin was in poor health. A few months before his death I had the strongest feeling the end of his life was near. His wife and children did not agree. He died ‘unexpectedly.’ His family was shocked, I was not.


    1. It seems that Bob has been experiencing more health glitches and at a more rapid rate lately. I have always been very sensitive to the nearness of death. It was an eerie feeling when my mom was in the nursing home because I so often would have this feeling about who would be next. And I have had the sense that you are feeling an ending coming. You are strong and you will handle it.


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