This day shouts “November!”  It is grey on grey. A drizzling rain is not giving up.  It’s cold and will be dark before dinner.  And I am really excited.

I am sitting here by a fire, reading a packet of poetry, making notes and comments.  I’m preparing for a poetry workshop/retreat that I will be attending Friday through Sunday.

I will be joining a dozen local poets at Fielder Farm Vermont.  I encourage you to check out the link to this venue.  Does it not look like it was practically made with a poetry retreat in mind?  It helps that one of the leaders of the workshop is the mother of the owner.  Even if the weather remains dreary, I can only imagine that writers and poets will be nurtured here.

You might also check out Sun Dog Poetry Center, which is the parent of this and other poetry related events throughout Vermont.

I will share some poetry (fair warning) after the retreat.  For now here is a beginning watercolor attempt.





12 thoughts on “Retreat

  1. I love your watercolor! Hope you have a wonderful time at your poetry retreat. It is great when we get to do something we really enjoy with other people who enjoy it too!

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  2. This sounds like just your kind of event. Poetry has always given me fits. A poet I will never be. My sister-in-law has started painting in watercolors. She’s painted in oils for many years. At first she was very frustrated because it was so different from oils but I think she likes it pretty good now.


    1. I have no painting experience and watercolor was probably not the way to start. But, hey, I invested in the paints and the good paper. Poetry is my first love though.


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