Hope for the Future

No political pronouncement here.  This post is about my nine year old grandson.

This past summer I took my grandson and granddaughter to my home in Florida for a couple of weeks of vacation.  For a solid week my grandson asked questions pretty much non-stop.  Really, I thought my head was going to explode.

Finally, in desperation and exasperation, I said, “I don’t know! Look it up on Google.”

He took my advice to heart.  We were watching some summer Olympics and he was curious about the flags of the different countries.  He started looking up flags of the world and then he started reading about the different countries.

Of course, that didn’t stop the questions.  The questions became more of a quiz to see if I knew as much about the world as he was learning.  No.  I had to tell him to stop making me feel stupid, but I certainly did not want to discourage his curiosity.

I used to bea bit concerned because he did not seem very interested in reading, but now that he has discovered non-fiction he is going to town.  Geography has become a passion.

He visited for this past weekend.  For a while he went into my office with the computer and he let me know he needed privacy.  The door was carefully closed.


Should I have been concerned about what he might be up to on the computer?

He was using the translation app to write a note to his teacher.  First in Russian, then in French language.  He decorated each note with the appropriate flags.

It makes me both proud and hopeful that he shows such a drive to learn about other countries and other cultures.

He also left me with this “cheat sheet”:



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