Happy Thanksgiving

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We need a day of thankfulness.

Of course thinking about the negatives and worrying about what might happen is going to make me feel bad.  That only makes sense.  On the other hand, thinking about the positive things in my life and expressing my thankfulness, my gratitude, is going to help me feel better, more in control, more hopeful.

Yes, there have been times when I had to dig deep and grasp at something tiny in order to feel a spark of gratitude, but a spark was always there and I am alive today. I intend to keep moving forward even knowing that a step back is inevitable once in a while.

All our souls are meant to be moving forward in spite of the fact that there are still some who hold the rest of us back.

Maddyathome has some journal prompts worth checking out at times when I may fell stuck.


6 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. I must confess that I have never seen a Thanksgiving before so peppered with advice in the media for preserving peace at the table by avoiding political discussions. One internet friend is posting a ban at her door, “Enter ye not who wish to argue politics.” Perhaps family members will have to be seated across a DMZ. Duck! Incoming drumstick.

    Our Souls will move forward. Learning occurs whether the days are happy or dark. If nothing else, shall we give thanks for term limits?

    Have a happy Thanksgiving, Olga and know that your thoughts do give us hope.


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