Tea Leaves

My parents and grandparents were in the habit of drinking a cup of tea after the evening meal.  I can remember my grandmother making comments about reading the tea leaves, but since they used tea bags I don’t know that there was much to see at the bottom of their cups.  I don’t remember any predictions being made much less coming eerily to fruition.

Tasseography is the divination of symbolic patterns arranged by tea leaves — or sometimes coffee grounds or wine sediment — in the bottom of a cup.  The practice was common in Asia, the Middle East, and Ancient Greece.

Seriously?  Well, symbolism theories have been around in the study of psychology for a long time.  It may be a way for a contemplative sort of individual to get in touch with the subconscious.

I have no experience or training in the reading of tea leaves.  However, I was  drinking a cup of herbal tea for breakfast and I saw this:


That’s clearly a happy face. It started my day with a smile anyway.


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