It hurts my heart and soul to watch the news.

  • Lines of people fleeing their homes. Bodies piled on the city streets, those not fortunate enough to be in a line of those leaving.
  • The blank terror in the eyes of children.  The bodies of children.
  •  Crumbed shells of buildings. Before and after.
  • And one is left to imagine the horrors of the sounds and the smells of this assault, the gut-wrenching emotions and the terror.
  • The irony of tweets and videos from people saying, “good-bye world.”  Technology has made the world smaller yet somehow disconnected.

My mind screams, “WHY?”

I understand the threat of ISIS, but this government against rebel forces, government against its own people — I cannot untangle the threads.  I am unsure whose side we are even on.  I am unclear as to the economic and political interests fomenting this disaster.

My heart screams, “Where is the humanity?”

It’s hard enough to watch out of control fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and crushing ice storms wreak havoc around the globe.  But, this manmade stuff, it has to stop.


6 thoughts on “Aleppo

  1. I’m so lost in all things related to Syria and ISIS. I feel strongly President Bush made seriously wrong decisions about Iraq and Afghanistan. Now I read the General at the Pentegon has an axe to grind with the Middle East over the marines killed in Lebanon during the Reagan presidency. Will he push to involve America in more war in the Middle East? Troubling.


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