Have you heard of Faith Popcorn?  She has been around for a long time — not a fortune teller, a futurist.  She is CEO of her own marketing firm BrainReserve and she has a very good record at predicting trends. Marketing strategists use her identified trends to target consumers.

Let’s take a look back at her predicted trends for the year 2016 as they appeared in Fortune magazine.  The key to marketing now? Playing on fears.

I think we will be very interested in comfort products and products that will guarantee our safety more. Maybe more protection products—911 numbers that really work, that we will pay for. Maybe more home schooling, maybe armored buses to take our kids to school, maybe schools will be more protected.

And someone, wanting to make our political system into a business, must have been well aware of trend and marketing strategies.

2016, the year that Atlas Shrugged.

“He was a man who had never accepted the creed that others had the right to stop him.”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, Ch. 3

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8 thoughts on “2016

  1. Paul Ryan was a big Ayn Rand fan. At one time, he made everyone on his staff read Atlas Shrugged. Trump and his cabinet are not the only troublesome characters in Washington. After the big tax break, removal of the banking regulations, and the appeal of Obamacare…they are going to be looking at ways to cut and privatize programs that we hold dear. Ayn will be smiling.

    I love the flow chart.


  2. A blogger friend has always said he wants to win but will not want to actually bother with doing the work of being president. It is scary to me to see the people he is choosing to go about that work though.


  3. Found the Ayn Rand quote very interesting. Very accurate description of Donald Trump. I will be glad when this transition period is over because no one can legally touch him until he’s sworn in. I believe he is not going to like his new job once he’s sworn in.

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