Being Spiritual 2

I don’t know why I have let this Father Mike character get under my skin, but there he is and I have to deal with it.

To claim to be spiritual but not religious is like saying, “I’m a scholar, but I don’t read.”

Here is an apple. apple-20clip-20art-apple-clipart


Here is an orange.  kimu-orange



To say, I am a Catholic but I don’t practice the religion and I really don’t so much believe all those teachings, well, that would be like saying “I am a scholar, but I don’t read.” Spirituality can be both a belief and a practice. I am spiritual and I honor and explore the great mystery of life, that’s saying something very different.

Of course there has to be content and context.  Of course there has to be the effort of learning.

I believe that God is love as well. But where did they get that truth about God? They didn’t get it from looking at nature. If anything, nature is impartial. It can be beautiful, but it can also be ugly. It can bring life, but it just as easily brings death. There is nothing in nature alone that indicates that God is love. Nature doesn’t seem to even care about human beings.

Ooooh, Nature!  Mother Earth.  Circle of life…bringer of birth and also of death.  So we tread on them patriarchal order of things.  The Divine Feminine, that is the real threat here isn’t it?  I should have known.

Father Mike, you are dismissed from my mind.




6 thoughts on “Being Spiritual 2

    1. I tried that, but I really do feel that there is something we don’t understand. Some may call that God out of failure to handle ambiguity so that’s okay. Just don’t tell me your god is the true one.

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  1. Its a shame that Father Mike has been dismissed because I rather like when you are pissed.

    My vague attempt at poetry.

    Nature can be ugly but religion is not? The wars, the stonings, the burnings at the stake? The guilt, the manipulation, the unhealthy interest in what goes on in the bedroom and alternate piping arrangements? The continued ban of women from the clergy? The idiotic ban on any form of birth control that actually works? These are ideals of beauty? The very concept of hell? The boogie man in the closet they pull out to quash any difference of opinion, Satan? Purity rings, abstinence only sex education? Teaching that condoms don’t work? Bans on masturbation? These are acts of beauty?

    Mother Nature and the Divine Feminine are in for a rough ride here in the next 4 years. I hope the collective marches on Saturday help express the idea to the Father Mikes and Orange Lords of the world that the Divine Feminine is live and well and is watching.

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