Breath in, Breath out, Repeat

I do a mindful meditation. Focus on the breath. When thoughts come, notice and then return to the breath. Notice what is going on in the body and send breath to any place of tension or pain.

I am looking for a place of clarity and total letting go.

Although lately not so much, sometimes I get there. I tell myself I will hang on to that.

Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I think what a beautiful day. I am just going to enjoy it.
I have a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise and listening to a flock of tiny little sparrows chirping as they flit around the bushes in the yard.

But I always end up turning on my computer to check emails and read blogs with my second cup of coffee.

The NYT headline flashes in the upper right hand corner of the screen. My stomach knots and my breath catches in my chest. My inner Dorothy Parker screams out Oh what fresh hell is this?

For my own health and well being I need to resist.

But I also need to resist the lure of watching the crash and burn, to convince myself that this too shall pass. Breathe.



8 thoughts on “Breath in, Breath out, Repeat

  1. I have to do some calming meditation before the news every evening. Arrrghhhh… I can’t believe what he’s doing to the EPA now. My husband (who worked for the USEPA in Chicago) is aghast!


  2. I’ve found it interesting. He’s such a caricature of a president. Of course, I watch from this side of the border. I’m taking the viewpoint of it as West Wing. It is intersting seeing the dance between the people, the press and his peeps.

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