The Dharma wheel is a Buddhist metaphor for the eight pathways that lead to an enlightened end to suffering.

As the wheel rolls, any of the spokes might land on top.

Now, I don’t know a great deal about Buddhism, but it seems to me that the wheel might be turned to Right Speech as a messages for the United States right now.

Right Speech is communicating in ways that promote harmony and understanding. It is speech that is truthful and free of malice.

However, it doesn’t mean being “nice” when unpleasant things must be said.

Telling lies is not Right Speech.  Planting seeds of disharmony and misleading information is not Right Speech.

Telling the Emperor he is ever so finely dressed when he is in fact naked is not Right Speech.

We all suffer when our nation veers off the path.


7 thoughts on “Dharma

  1. Yes, I agree. I am very concerned that no one seems to have the backbone to tell the Emperor he’s naked. I do know nothing moves quickly in cases like this. I also know many lawsuits are being filed every day and those take time. Removing him from office won’t necessarily bring down the temperature of the country. I don’t know how you dial back what we’re seeing today.

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