I was reading about salvation.  Somehow it is a concept I am having a great deal of difficulty in grasping.

The simple definition is a protection from some kind of danger or harm.  In Christian theology, however, the danger or harm has to do with deliverance from sin by following the teachings of Jesus — so we will be united with God in heaven.

Islam teaches that salvation is achieved through good deeds (but at the same time don’t mess with Allah, who may not be impressed by death bed repentance.

Jews believe that salvation comes through following the rules and living a righteous life.

Hindus view salvation as an ever changing concept.

(Please not that my understanding of religious traditions and beliefs is far, far from any scholarly understanding.)

But what all that means to me — you treat others the same way you would want to be treated, that you take care of the less fortunate, treat all living things with caring and compassion, be nice and express gratitude that life itself is enough.  Wouldn’t that be a good life?  One might even be inclined to say heaven right here and now?

The whole “deliverance from sin” aspect seems like a totally unnecessary complication to me.

And, okay, my real problem is the word nerd in me. The word is derived from Latin salvus,  meaning “sound” in the sense of “whole” and “healthy.” Salvus sis,  may you be well.  The goddess Salus was the giver of health.  I like the classic meaning.


7 thoughts on “Salvation

  1. What difference does it make? This wide world offers many different opinions on religion. We each need to go our own way in what gives us peace without feeling like we need to change others to meet our beliefs.

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  2. I prefer the notion of karma to salvation. The problem I have with salvation, is salvation from what? Could a loving God truly damn our Souls to hell for eternity? Could you do that to your child? Yet we expect God with this perfect love to be able to damn our Souls to suffer ignominy forever. And then when you look at the lists of stuff that will earn you this damnation and how it varies from religion to religion, good grief how does anyone make it? Can we truly attain salvation in one sin ridden life? Hmmm. I like the idea of coming back and doing it over until you get it right.

    If we must have salvation, I would at least like to approach it from the view point of Matthew Fox, an excommunicated Catholic priest. He states that St. Augustine got it all wrong. Humanity is born with an Original Blessing not Original Sin. From Fox’s point of view, we already have attained salvation.

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  3. I always had a bit of a problem that the last 5 minutes of repenting would absolve a life time of nastiness, cruelty and selfishness. Probably a good thing I am not on the review board. Religion gives us rules to live by. II is just when man gets his mind set on the interruptions that things get wonky.. It should be so simple but we have muddied the waters so. One reason I believe but do not go to church.

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  4. Thanks for cluing me in that you have this other blog! I just quickly read through your last several posts. I’ll keep up from here on.
    I am only familiar with salvation in the Christian church, and my understanding is that it is ti deliver us from hell. As i young person in the church, I was always worried about the endless torture of hell because I never really felt the love of a God. Now I have saved myself. I don’t believe in heaven or hell. I believe in the here and now.

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  5. Excellent post, Olga. You’re so right! All that deathbed absolution stuff just never struck me as right. The other problem right now is that people are not taking to heart those parts of religion that teaches, “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.” Why is there so much hate these days? Why do people want to keep out those who need our help? Why do people who have health care not want to help those who need it? And so on and so forth…

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