Pilates and Other Exercise

I have been aware of Pilates as an exercise phenomenon for some time.  Several years ago, I took a free class at the local Y, but I did not follow up.  Not because I did not enjoy the class, but because the local Y is in the city where there is only street parking and the class was at night.  I did not want to be walking city streets after dark by myself.

The class I took at the  Vermont Y was a mat class.  The method was developed by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation method for injured athletes and was made popular by dancers who embraced its core strengthening results.

At the nearby Y in Florida, there was a Pilates room filled with all kinds of equipment.  I took yoga classes at that Y but never ventured into the Pilates room.  It looked like a torture chamber out of the Middle Ages.

While in Florida this past winter, I discovered a small studio near my home that offered “standing Pilates.”  The touted benefit was improved balance so I signed right up. I have found similar routines on YouTube under “Barre Pilates.”

I enjoyed the class, but I went right back to my favorite yoga studio now that I am back in Vermont.  I will do the Pilates on my own still.  It really helped with an achy hip, and it does reinforce the body-mind connection.  But, in the end, I pick yoga for its mind-body-spirit connections.

I am walking for exercise as well.  This is always a rude shock upon return to Vermont.  Every single year, I forget how the body adjusts to walking at sea level.  Lungs get used to the easy flow of air and scream about the need for greater efficiency at higher elevations.



7 thoughts on “Pilates and Other Exercise

  1. I can so relate to the different elevations. I was a house afire walking and biking in Florida. Here in the Ozarks, I suck wind. Why does everything seem go up hill:))

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  2. I am not a social exerciser and I find taking classes to be an intrusion because i have to go on schedule. I tried tai chi this winter for two months and then quit because I really didn’t like it much. It is just to “soulful” for me. I like my exercise straight forward. So I walk, and when I am not gardening heavily I do my physical therapy exercises. Right now I am getting lots of “stretching” in the garden, and gardening is great for the spirit too.

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