Finding Wisdom in Myth

Mythology is an example of the evolved traits of creative and deductive thinking in humans.   (Robert O’Connell 1999: Evolutions of Myths)


I have always enjoyed myths and stories, particularly those of female deities, goddesses.

I am not a scholar of mythology nor religion, but I am aware that there are similarities of stories across  history and  across cultures.  Stories changed over time as cultures clashed or combined.  Stories ended up in different times with different characters, but the similarities, differences, and general provenance can be traced to some extent. Traces of ancient myths are still evident in world religions today.

Everything changes.  I was reminded when I recently attended a funeral Mass at a Catholic church.  It has been a very long time so I was surprised to see that a woman was allowed at the altar.  Mostly, she performed “woman’s work” of setting the table and wiping the chalice. but she did also participate in handing out the communion.  Progress, in a way.

Women, of course, give birth and attended to the sick and the dying.  It does not seem out of the realm of possibility that there were indeed ancient societies that revered the feminine and saw great power in their feminine deities.

Everything changes and the pendulum swings. There is always reason for hope.


Triple goddess symbol (echoed in the Christian concept of trinity, perhaps?)


9 thoughts on “Finding Wisdom in Myth

  1. I think we are long overdue the recognition of the Divine Feminine and for equal presence in corporate and political life. My hopes last November were dashed.

    Sometimes however I think too much emphasis is put on glass ceilings and not enough on everyday people. For a church that can not fulfill its needs for priests, how can they continue to bar women? Why are women paid 78 cents on the dollar? These are just as valid concerns as glass ceilings.


  2. So much of organized religion is about power, who has it, and who are subjected to it. In about AD 300, the Christian/catholic church decided men needed to have power over women. That mistake is still being perpetuated. Progress is very slow.

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    1. One theory I have heard is that it started with the turn toward agriculture and use of domesticated animals. It was far easier to deal with only one rooster or one bull, etc. per multiple females and that concept made the human males nervous!

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    1. I have often said that myself. It is women who actually carried out things like female circumcision and foot binding. It is women who defeat the Equal Rights Amendment. Wanna smack them up side the head! … And now I have to go do Loving Kindness meditation.

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