Mind-Body Connection


Not that anyone needs to know this, but I have been suffering for a while now from persistent acid reflux.

I reached the point of popping antacids like tic-tacs. I have been up in the middle of the night with a gut on fire. Cutting out the known triggers — citrus, tomatoes, chocolate, wine, coffee — has not had a beneficial effect. Not to mention that cutting out those known triggers makes one wonder is life worth living?

It’s been going on for months now. I have thought about making an appointment with my doctor but then I play out that scenario in my head. A subscription for some more powerful antacid. Obnoxious tests involving chalky cocktails to find out that nothing conclusive can be found. Come back in four to six months. Not interested.

A friend told me that GERD is an auto-immune disorder and recommends a gut repairing protocol and adoption of a paleo diet. She is big time into that. Again, I ask is such a life worth living? I am willing to make life style changes and do a cleanse, but the caveman thing as a way of living is not interesting to me either.

Neither approach was interesting to me because I did not feel they addressed what is really going on for me. But I could not quite put my finger on exactly what is going on. My intuition is alive and kicking but not always so specific in its message.

So I went to see an intuitive healer who has helped me in the past. She reset energy centers using Jin Shin Shytsu and gave me grounding and deep breathing exercises to continue as follow-up.

Her diagnosis in a nutshell:

I suffer from Trump angst myself and have absorbed the angst of people around me. I should have known that myself. The problem started last November and has gotten steadily worse.


This morning I watched the video of “the leader of the free world” push and shove his way to the front of a NATO photo opportunity. He is an embarrassment and he makes it most difficult to include him in a meditation on loving kindness. I guess I was being pretty dense not to remember that mental anguish can affect the body.

But I will continue to wish him happiness, healing, and peace. He is badly broken. I figure we need to hope for an end to the suffering of such broken people. Maybe then they will not feel the need to make everyone else suffer along with them.


5 thoughts on “Mind-Body Connection

  1. That’s pretty tough. My hubby had this for awhile a few years ago. It was a stressful time.
    He’s gone to a naturopath, we love our Dr. Jenn, and he’s been tested for food allergies. He cannot have dairy, yeast or eggs.
    All the best.


  2. I have GERD (acid reflux), too. Diagnosed in 2000 (so not due to Trump). My gastroenterologist prescribes Omeprazole (generic for Prilosec), and it works for me. Acid reflux can cause throat cancer so I would seek treatment before that happens.


  3. You are far more generous in spirit than I am, in wishing him happiness, healing and peace. but then I am not suffering physically. I just get disgusted and repulsed and move on.


  4. Hmmm! You have to eat like a caveman to protect your health from a barbarian.

    You can’t give up chocolate, it protects against A-fib.


  5. Had to laugh a bit at the diagnosis–me too— though so far no physical symptoms, just mental. Hope you will be able to put this behind you and you can calm that roiling stomach.


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