To Read:

I am suggesting two blog posts today.

We remember the shooting of Congress member Gabby Giffords.  This is a story of some of the collateral damage.

Suzi’s Story: What I know

Organizing for America Called





4 thoughts on “To Read:

  1. Everyone should read those posts. I fear for the 23 million that could end up uninsured. I know the current plan isn’t perfect but a lot of people would be SOL if it wasn’t there for them.


  2. Too often we don’t hear about the non famous souls who are also damaged in violent acts.. What a powerful story. We need more than ever to keep the fire under our elected officials not to remove Affordable Health Care and to apply stricter laws on gun control. I keep letting my guys know how this voter feels.


  3. Well it is important to Make America Great Again. We already have a law in place that forbids the CDC from studying the public health aspects of firearms. When we repeal and replace Obamacare, we will further remove the burden of the public’s health from the government. Think of yachts, aircraft, vacation homes, artwork, and other necessities that will now be available by removing 23 million people from healthcare. Not since the gilded age of the industrial barons will America be so great again. Then we can move on to vouchers instead of Medicare and the privatization of Social Security and the associated reductions in average life expectancy will make America even greater.


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