Fava Beans



My grandson was visiting for a week.  We went to the Healthy Living store one day and were surprised to see huge green pods — fresh fava beans.  Interesting.  Then, when my sister-in-law came for a visit a few days later, she brought with her  — fresh fava beans.  I don’t remember seeing them before and I certainly never prepared or ate them.  We had to look them up on line to know how to cook them. (Take them out of the pods, boil briefly in salt water, rinse in ice water and peel — not an item I would choose when feeding a large crowd!)

Isn’t it wonderful that there are always new things to learn about and experience?

Martha Stewart has a number of interesting recipes for fava beans.  They are related to peas and have a beautiful bright green color and fresh taste that really does say spring.

We got creative.

We cooked lush tagliatelle nests and dressed the noodles with grated carrots, sugar snap peas, scallion, artichoke hearts, and the fava beans all sautéed in a little olive oil, a dollop of dill infused creamy goat cheese on top.  Pasta primavera. Very yummy.


11 thoughts on “Fava Beans

  1. Great sounding dish. I have never had fava beans (which my brilliant computer spell checker insists on changing to lava).


  2. I know what fava beans are (because of Hannibal Lecter) but I didn’t have a clue what tagliatelle nests were until I researched them. Turns out I have had them often in one of my Schwan’s meals. I just thought they were called wads of noodles.

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  3. It is thought that everything happens for a reason – seeing the beans and then cooking them opened a door to a new experience. One you might note to experience again :). I’d have to go to a specialist greengrocer to pick up mine (when they were in season)
    Thanks for Olga – hope to see you again

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