My Messages for Today

I have various sets of cards that I occasionally use as a point of meditation, as a way to set an intention or to stay mindful.  Sometimes, although not really often, I just feel the need for a little clarity or some help getting through the day.

I used to read my horoscope every day, but I no longer get a daily paper.  I find my cards more meaningful anyway.  I am trying to say, I have always been a bit of a flake.

Today I picked two cards.

The first is from Pema Chodron’s Compassion Cards: teachings for awakening the heart in everyday life.  “Keep the three inseparable,” meaning that body, speech, and mind need to be in harmony in order for compassion and wisdom to blossom.

I found it interesting because yesterday I was listening to the Dali Lama discuss the traditional Buddhist chant of Om Mani Padme Hum exactly in these terms, the union of mind, body, and speech. That isn’t quite how I had understood the phrase before, but it certainly is clearer to me this way.

And here is what Nature’s Whispers card hard to tell me:

It’s easy to be overwhelmed in the planning of a new endeavor. Simplify your plans. Clearly envision what you would like to accomplish and find ways to ensure you can stay on the path.  Eliminate self-sabotage or other behavior that might derail you.

Not bad advise in either case.New-Chakras


11 thoughts on “My Messages for Today

  1. Having slid down that slippery slope of flakedom years ago, I should try these cards. Although I must confess a certain hankering for Dove messages, especially the dark variety.

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  2. Simplify is always great advice. Something we could all use. Had to laugh at Linda’s Dove wrapper. Mine today told me today to “Quote your Dad”. So I will. His favorite bit of advice was, ” Never want for expensive things. Cultivate a friend who all ready has them and enjoy theirs.” :))

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