Poetry in the Garden

I contribute each year to Sundog Poetry because a.) I love to read and to write poetry,  b.) I am a nurturer by nature, and c.) this is an organization that is spearheaded by two women I treasure as friends.

Every summer there is a garden party/reception for those who support the efforts of this organization to bring poetry and poets to Vermont and beyond.  It is hosted at the home of Mary Jane Dickerson, whom I consider my mentor in poetry writing.

She is a poet and also gardener.  Hers gardens are actually a kind of poetry to my eye.

There are a number of people from my old town, where I had a large yard and where I was able to do some gardening, who have complimented my attentions to yard work.  I was neat, but I was not a gardener.  Not like this.



8 thoughts on “Poetry in the Garden

  1. Wow, what lovely gardens. It is sort of poetry with plants. I hear those Adirondack chairs calling to me. Two is such a lovely number in chairs.


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