Lessons on Being Unwell, 2

I finally made the decision to seek out a naturopathic physician in the area to help me deal with GERD.  But the day I made that appointment, oops.  I cam down with the “flu.”

Lesson #2: Never take your health and wellness for granted.

Oh, yes.  I do all the right things.  I exercise, I eat right, I have a social network.  I can be energetic but I can also relax.  I attend to my spiritual needs.  I meditate! I am, let’s face it, freaking invincible!  Until all of a sudden I am body slammed into bed with a fatigue so crushing I really don’t understand what hit me.  I was feverish and then chilled to the core.  I ached.  It felt like the flu,  What can you do about that but drink water and rest, wait it out?  Except after four days, I happened to notice what at first looked like a bad bruise, although it didn’t hurt, on my back.  It grew throughout the day.

I’ll skip all the details and get to the point.  I have Lyme disease from a tick bite I don’t remember getting.  But there have been warnings about the number of ticks and the incidence of Lyme disease having exploded in this area all summer long.

Ironic note: I lived for years next to a several acres field of tall grasses where deer often passed through.  I am sure it was loaded with ticks.  I had a garden where I spent lots of time all summers.  I move into a condo in town where I have no garden to tend and my walks are on paved sidewalks and wham!  Really, take nothing for granted.

to be continued . . .



6 thoughts on “Lessons on Being Unwell, 2

  1. There is a good bit of irony in your observation. Move to a more urban area and boom. Hopefully your healthy lifestyle will help in your recovery. Get well soon.

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