Let the NBA Lead the Way

Perhaps there is a certain unexamined logic to the notion that the answer to gun violence is more guns.

We cannot use the increasingly frequent incidents of mass shootings to discuss any kind of gun control, but it’s perfectly okay to suggest that church goers carry their weapons to church on Sunday.  (I believe there was actually a law to that effect in Vermont at one time.)

Wouldn’t we feel the world is a safer place for our children and grand children is every teacher had a hand gun of some power tucked away in his or her desk? Riiight.  (Although it might have proved useful in convincing that clod who exploded lunch in the faculty microwave every day and left the mess to harden into a cement like coating.)

I don’t follow sports teams much.  I never heard of Steve Kerr before.  Never heard of the Warriors, but their coach said this after the Texas shooting this past Sunday: “We have to look at this as it has nothing to do with partisanship, political parties. This has got to be a public safety issue, a public health issue.”

Yes.  How about we can go to church if we choose and not even have to give a thought to being shot in the process?

According to a CNN report, United States own more civilian guns per capita than any other country.  With 5% of the world’s population, the U.S. is responsible for 31% of global mass shootings.  This should not make us proud of ourselves.

A visual aid:



Something is broken and must be fixed.


4 thoughts on “Let the NBA Lead the Way

  1. Your last sentence says it best. More guns can not be the answer. I would be curious how much the numbers have gone up in the last 5 years because it sure seems like we here lots more about it lately.

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  2. I listened to a discussion on the shooting on NPR. There was a guy from a pro-gun group spouting evil and the only way to counter it is more guns. Another participant replied that if that logic was true, with over 300 million guns, the US should be the safest nation on Earth.

    I have read that drunk driving fatalities have decreased by 65% since 1982. Was the solution to build more bars?

    Excellent post Olga.

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