A New Kind of Therapy

There was a wellness fair at an alternative health center in Burlington today.

I had a free salt water foot detox procedure.  That was okay.

I also had a free sample of didgeridoo vibroacoustic therapy.  Now that was interesting.  You lie on massage table that has speakers in the mattress.  The speakers are attached to a didgeridoo.  So as the instrument in played, the table vibrates and you get a strange kind of gentle massage.

The guy who offered this also makes and teaches playing the didgeridoo.  He had some research information on his table.  Some evidence suggests that playing it strengthens throat muscles that tend to go soft and cause obstructive sleep apnea.  An alternative to one of those C-PAP machines.

Interesting that there is always something new to learn.


The set up did involve an impressive array of sound mixing equipment — something of current interest to my grandson.  Sometimes it’s hard to encourage his varied interests.


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