Second Chakra, Blocked

Chakras are a metaphor or, perhaps, a model of  human energy.  Science is now telling us that our bodies, every component, are vibrating.  All matter is essentially vibratory energy.  Isn’t it interesting the Eastern practices described that maybe 25, 000 years ago?

Chakras describe varying levels of awareness, activity, and energy.  These range from basic survival mechanisms to an advanced state of spiritual awareness.  Since they are thought to be interdependent, the trick in life is to keep them all spinning and open to available energy.

Problems arise when a chakra is blocked.  Things go wrong.  Life gets hard.

38329981 - vector watercolor illustration of swadhisthana chakra.

The second chakra is described as a balance of giving and receiving, appreciating what you have without being greedy.  It has to do with trust and grace in dealing with others.

These signs that the second chakra is blocked, maybe even shut down, come from Deborah King’s book, Heal Yourself, Heal the World:

  • generally pessimistic
  • unable to both give and receive pleasure
  • ignore ethics in exchange for  money, power, or sex
  • care too much about how others think of you
  • unable to let go of things from the past
  • plot revenge
  • need to dismiss authority

Well, now, who do we know like that? (Coincidence that the associated color is orange?)

May he be made well so that our country may be made well.  We don’t need great, we desperately need whole.


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