I read about the KonMari method for keeping clutter under control when the book (The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up) first came out.  So did a lot of people.  I know that it had the effect of nudging some of my friends to get more organized.  For others it was a dismissive “OCD much?”

For me, it was “Damn! I should have written that book.”  I was neatly rolling my underwear and keeping my clothes like file folders since before Marie Kondo was even born.

Sigh.  So many parts of my life I was just not smart enough to capitalize on and make a fortune.

I recently read an article about what one’s particular area of clutter says about one and the possible areas of “stuckness” on the path to meeting goals.  It was interesting.  Clutter collected in the entryway indicates reluctance to let people into your life, for instance.  Kind of makes sense.  So clutter in closets and drawers is supposed to indicate a problem with expressing emotions.

My tee shirts in a drawer:


My closet:


So do you think I have trouble expressing my emotions or perhaps express them way too much?


7 thoughts on “Neatness

  1. Oh wow! Your t-shirt drawer is absolutely awesome! It never occurred to me to put my t-shirts folded in that way. I do roll up my underwear though. I tried to do Art’s, but eventually it just went back to his more unstructured method. Ah well.

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