A Changing Landscape

I went to the pool today.  It’s been warm here, even by Florida standards.

I was struck by the number of people I didn’t know.  I am not an outgoing kind of person and I don’t really take part in the events on offer at the park’s club house so that maybe wasn’t quite so unusual.  But I also noticed that the assembled pool goers were considerably younger than when we first bought a place in this 55+ community five years ago.

There has been a lot of turn-over, a lot of new homes being brought in and landscaped seemingly overnight.  As older people have moved on, younger, newly retired people have moved in.  I would guess that is the way of 55+ communities.

That got me thinking about life and death.  There were people here who were older but still vital . . . until suddenly they were not.  There were people here who were older but plagued by illness or memory loss.  Some have died and some are in long-term or end of life care.  There were people here who died too young, too soon.  I count my husband in that number.

I would like to have a long life.  I have already lived nearly 70 years, but that is not enough.  But I also want to have a good quality of life.

I found this article about 25 habits for improving the quality of life.  I think it’s a good list.  I do many of them and there are a few I could work on.  Happiness, health and vitality — I pat myself on the back.  Leisure habits — maybe 50/50.  Income habits — not so much.

Well, it’s a good thing to keep pushing myself.  And nobody’s perfect.


7 thoughts on “A Changing Landscape

  1. I watched my parents age, as they lived far longer than their parents. Mom and Dad’s father both died when my parents were aged 15.
    That said, they were surprised when ill-health plagued them. It’s part of aging, coming to terms with your stage of life. I dearly miss working, being an important part of the work day. I’m coming to realize that it’s time to let others take my place, teaching, for example. It is terribly difficult.
    Hubby has cancer, as I think you know! We jut have to enjoy each day to the best of our ability! hugs and cheers from Ontario!

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    1. I retired early so I could spend time with my husband but I still did a lot of substitute teaching, anywhere from two weeks to three months at a clip. I remember exactly the day I said, “No, I can’t do it. It’s really time to let someone trying to get a job to get his or her foot in the door.” Now I do volunteer teaching on occasion — at an equestrian based therapy place or in the church religious education program. Flexes that muscle just enough.
      Reading your blog makes me think you have that ability to enjoy the day as best you can!


  2. Well if anyone is going to beat the Met Life actuarial predictions, my money is on you Olga. You do a lot of right things. Interesting list, I should take it to heart.


  3. You and I are about the same age and yes, we’re beginning to lose quite a number of our relatives and friends. it’s quite disconcerting. That’s a wonderful list. There are a number of things I do. The one about doing something you’re afraid of every day….. ummm… I’m too chicken.

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  4. That’s an interesting list. I also do lot of this already. Now that our income is set, I would need to modify that section, and daily budgets – nope. I am not a very social person either, and too much togetherness can be draining, but I should push myself to do more.
    I think our bodies and minds tell us when we need to make changes. We just have to listen and respond.
    Thanks for the thought provoking post. I can cross that off for today, 🙂

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