Meditation, A Poem


Sit quietly and still.
Feel the embrace of air
gentle against your skin,
the deep intention of the earth
to hold you safely here.
It will hold you.

All the flowing streams of your body —
the clamor on the senses,
the simmering emotions,
the endless chattering mind,
the very essence that is you —
let all that go.

Become aware of the breath,
your own sweet breath in and out,
always the breath, surrender.
With eyes closed, sight goes inward.
Release worry and fear in this moment,
the streams will continue to flow.

Step into this unseen world,
Float in a pool of love and compassion
and know happiness is in your grasp.
The breath guides you to this place
where you cannot stay perhaps,
but where you can always return.

Olga Hebert



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