In the Cards

I attend a yoga class here in Venice, Florida, twice a week.  The instructor has a very gentle approach.  The class is long so she can start out with breathing and stretching, build to more intense poses and then take it into relaxation and restorative poses.  She also offers essential oils to those who want to put a drop or two on the mat and cards that set an intention for the practice. I always leave her class in a good mood.

Friday I picked a card that said:

Ask for help.  Receiving is an act of generosity

I have always been an independent type — sometimes stubbornly so.  It’s a lesson I know I need to keep practicing.


4 thoughts on “In the Cards

  1. My wife has tried to tell me that at different times over the years. I have always acted gooney when someone gives me unsolicited help. My wife has stated that sometimes you just have to graciously accept the help people that people give. She is a wise person.

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  2. That is truly a wonderful quote. I find it hard to just receive without thinking that I MUST give something back. I need to learn to just allow someone to give. I would love to try yoga again someday.

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