New Art from Old

I have been making greeting cards for a while now.  I meet with a group of friends on a regular basis and we make cards, have lunch, and laugh while looking much like a coven to the outside world.  It’s a hobby that I enjoy. I end up donating most of my cards, but those I send handmade cards to really seem to enjoy them.

I have more recently taken up watercolor painting and this summer I took a class in mixed media.

I guess the next logical step was to combine the two hobbies.

I have amassed a number of practice paintings and paintings that just didn’t quite meet my standards.

I cut out areas of larger paintings to make these cards:


I used collage and stamps for this one:


And for these:


I used section of scrap paintings to die cut and then made these cards:


My gentleman friend wants to know why I don’t sell my cards.

Ha! That would turn a hobby into work.

I better clean my camera lens now.


6 thoughts on “New Art from Old

  1. Such a smartie you are to use what might normally be a reject and turn it into a lovely gift for someone. Think you are right about not selling them. While you definitely could, I think it would take a lot of the fun out of what you do.


  2. What beautiful cards! Your paintings are wonderful and what clever idea to combine the two. I love the paintings in the top three and the collage with the sail boat. But all of them are phenomenal. Well done!


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