My Lottery Win

If you are into lottery tickets with the hope of scoring a great deal of cash, this is maybe not the post for you.

The lottery I entered was for a spot in a day long poetry workshop that was lead by local VT poet and former poet laureate from Maine, Baron Wormser.  And I was lucky enough to be able to attend.

It was held in the small rural town of Adamant, VT.  This was my first time ever making my way to this absolute bit of heaven here on earth.

Adamant is famous for:

It is such a beautiful spot, great place for a poetry retreat or workshop.  And Baron Wormser was an inspiration.  We read and discussed a selected poem and then he gave a prompt based on that poem. We were given a half hour or so to write a poem in response which then were shared on a volunteer basis.  We did that from 9 to 4, with time for a “civilized lunch.”

I can say i am truly excited to have “won” this lottery and I am thankful for the Burlington Writers’ Workshops for sponsoring such an event. I met some wonderful Vermont poets and I got a shot in the arm to stick with my own efforts.


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