A Little Quilting

I made two baby quilts last year.

I got an acknowledgement for one of them.

I ordered the material for one of them from the Craftsy site and they sent a free jewel pack that I sort of forgot about until I was cleaning out the storage closet in my sewing room (aka spare bedroom).

I used it to make a table mat and three mug mats.

I actually made ten mug mats last year using the scraps from the pink quilt.  I gave them as a Christmas gift to each of the women in the card making group.  I also finished a quilt that my mother had started and gave that to my sister.*

Quilting efforts have fallen off quite a bit in 2018! No body in the family has had a baby this year.

*My mother had given the quilt top to my sister years ago. She figured that my sister was the crafty one and far more likely to actually finish a quilt. My mom didn’t live long enough to see the change over between. Although the change must have been a long time coming because my mom was 93 when she passed away in 2005.


5 thoughts on “A Little Quilting

  1. l’m always impressed with quilters. I can see how much work you put into those beautiful quilts. It sure is irritating when people don’t acknowledge gifts. My daughter complains that it’s her generation that fails in this.


  2. What perfect gifts for new babies. You need to get people procreating so you can do some more. I am not a crafty person but might could manage some mug mats. Clever.


  3. Fun projects. I rounded up some scraps and bought a few more pieces to do some table toppers and runners, and then just left it all sitting on the bed in the guest room I was not inspired. It will come when the weather goes bad.


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