Road Construction

We were sent letters from the town this past summer letting us know that there would be road construction along route 2A.  That is a very busy road, the only way to get out of the condo development where I live.  There are quite a few such developments along the three mile stretch of road that connects two intersections.

At rush hour times there can be bumper to bumper traffic on that stretch.  There are no back roads or connecting streets. To get out of any of the developments you have to pull out onto 2A. Even if I am walking I have to get across to use the sidewalk. Sometimes it can take a while. Part of the plan is to install a traffic light at the entrance/exit  for one of the larger developments. I am not sure that will in any way make it easier for me to get out onto the road.

Well, I wanted to be out of the rural area I lived in before.

Anyway, at the moment the construction is taking place right at the driveway.  It’s actually nice.  The traffic controllers stop both lanes of traffic and let us out.

The view from my back window (fuzzy because of rain?)



I do remember when this town was a cozy  and quaint village surrounded by dairy farms.  There were no traffic lights at all although sometimes we had to stop for cows crossing the road from field to barn.



6 thoughts on “Road Construction

  1. There is no end to the traffic here now. Our Kent/Auburn Valley used to be wonderful farm land. Now it is being covered with warehouses, housing developments, and condos. We have no choice but to go with the flow.


  2. Oh, I hate the sound of construction. The steady bleeting of a backing up vehicle and the churning and digging of others. Sometimes living with a modern road is a pain to get through.


  3. I remember when my sister-in-law first bought her home in California. There were just open fields around them. Now, it’s totally covered over with shopping malls and businesses. It totally boggles my mind every time we go there.


  4. Ahhh! There is nothing like road construction and traffic jams in front of your house to aid in your spiritual growth. Breath in, Ommmmmm, breath in, Ommmm….. After 108 of those someone will let you out.


  5. At least they are showing you preference and are letting you out. When they did my road, I couldn’t get out of my driveway. It will be nice when done.


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