Dinner and the Theater


Dinner out and then on to the theater to see a play — is there anything better?  Yes, going with three lovely women friends, enjoying their company and enjoying the play.

The play was Disappearances, based on the novel by Howard Frank Mosher.  The book was made into a film in 2006.

At its barest bones, the novel tells the story of a northern Vermont hardscrabble farming family in the 1930 era.  When their barn burns down Quebec Bill Bonhomme takes on a job smuggling whiskey in order to earn $1000 to buy enough hay to keep the animals alive until spring.  His wife strongly objects. He takes his young son Wild Bill along because, it is after all supposed to be his coming of age story.

But of course, the story is far more complex than that. That is was adapted for a film is one ting, but the idea of paring it down for presentation on a stage (and a tiny one at that) is fairly mind boggling. I thoroughly enjoyed the production. Using few actors and a very minimalist stage set, the essence and themes of the story came through.

Bravo to the Lost Nation Theater and director Kim Allen Bent, the actors, and all the behind the scenes people who pulled this off!


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