Truth, what is it anyway?

I read a quote:

Truth does not mind being questioned; Lies don’t like being challenged.

It got me thinking, which can be a rabbit hole, I will admit. Truth is an elusive thing. I guess I understand what the quote is getting at but I don’t accept the black-and whiteness of it. I don’t accept the implication that there is truth or there are lies, no gray in the middle.

Given the current social/political climate that probably makes me an outlier. Oh, well. Familiar territory anyway.

I see beliefs and opinions too often mistaken for Truth. Sometimes I wonder if there is even such a thing as Truth — so much is a matter of perspective, conditioning and life experience.

I believe quite stongly that there is life after death and that spirits (angels, whatever) occasionally attempt to give me guidance. Certain experiences in my life have informed this belief. Lot’s of my family and friends challenge that notion. I am sure there are people who would out and out deride the idea. It doesn’t bother me in the least and I am not out to convince anyone it is true. I don’t mind being questioned so does that make my belief true? If I got upset and had a tantrum every time someone challenged me on that, would it prove a lie?


2 thoughts on “Truth, what is it anyway?

  1. I hold fast to the opinion that there is Truth. Some things really just are, They can be proven. Truth is fact. “Your truth” or “my truth” is not truth, it is opinion or point of view.
    It is truth that Biden won the election because it has been verified over and over. It is a belief or opinion that the election was stolen, and that belief is based on a lie. There is a range of categories between truth and lie, belief being one of them.


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